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Records storage and information strategy

As a superannuation provider to the coal mining industry, Mine provides services to approximately 75,000 members.  Facing a period of rapid expansion and a re-location project,  Recordkeeping Innovation was engaged to develop a strategic plan for improving records systems, review the off-site records repository and develop an action plan for staged improvements.

Superannuation records need to be retained for long periods.  Administrative and technology changes meant that the agency needed a method to benchmark and measure the improvements in its recordkeeping systems, to be able to comply with all regulatory requirements and to develop a project plan and budget for a staged implementation. Recordkeeping Innovation undertook a series of planned projects, including a disposal implementation project for better recordkeeping and improved information retrieval.


Superannuation saving (thitarees)


Digital recordkeeping software procurement

Arts NSW

eDRMS software configuration and records disposal rules