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Training Courses

Our records management consultants deliver a range of specialist recordkeeping and archives management  and archives management training services aimed at ensuring the reliability, authenticity and accessibility of records over time. We design customised training for clients and deliver generic skill development courses in records and archives management principles, practices, tools and applications. We can customise a program to support your unique recordkeeping requirements or design an outcomes-oriented training strategy, e.g. user acceptance of a new recordkeeping system.

Our courses target staff with different levels of recordkeeping responsibility.

They seek to:

  • Improve and refresh existing skills among recordkeeping practitioners;
  • Introduce new practitioners to the key concepts, principles and practices of good records management;
  • Provide management with frameworks for understanding, developing managing recordkeeping strategies

Records Management Fundamentals (2 Day)

RMF covers fundamental records management principles and practices. Participants receive a basic understanding of activities involved in managing paper and electronic records, controls and industry standards.

Records and archives training courses available on request, including:

  • Classification and taxonomies
  • Strategic Information Management
  • Appraisal and disposal authorities