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Metadata schemes

Metadata can explain the context, how and why records were created

Creating standardised information, as metadata schemes, about digital records helps make explicit the links and relationships that were previously implicit in physical records. It makes digital records understandable.

Digital records need metadata schemes to protect fragile data. Metadata schemes provide the key to understanding, describing the context of records, making records meaningful, accessible, and findable. Metadata can be complex. It should describe the full range of records processes: capture, classification, indexing, agents, access and security, disposal and archiving.

Metadata schemes are essential for data migration and to allow interoperability between IT systems. Metadata management is important tool for digital preservation.

Metadata By Ter-burg - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Metadata standards for records migration and digital preservation

Our records management consultants understand what’s needed to manage digital information. Our experience covers many industries such as utilities, transport, environmental heritage, asset and property management. We’ve worked in the cultural heritage sector to develop taxonomies for museums, art galleries and archives. We developed enterprise wide and whole of government standards for naming and indexing, supporting portals for government services, and schemes for content management.

When you are ready to tackle a corporate metadata standard and digital preservation, contact us for expert advice in the design and implementation of metadata standards.

Data linking, By Axelsaffran – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Our records management consultants have designed recordkeeping metadata schemes for: